Commitment to Community

Our Community

Celebrating Wins Throughout Jax

The Jaguars and Iguana Investments have always been strong supporters of our Jacksonville community and have donated millions over the years through the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation to support nearby organizations and residents. Those investments were only the beginning.

Our recent community investment initiatives have included a $1 million donation to LIFT JAX in support of the Out East community and a donation from Shad Khan and his family of $5 million to The Museum of Science and History to bring a world-class museum to the Northbank.

Additional community investment priorities include $250,000 to the Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing Park, as well as a revitalized Met Park with year-round public access to the Dream Finders Homes Flex Field across Bay Street.

Adopting Met Park

Re-imagining Public Spaces

Since Metropolitan Park’s groundbreaking in the early 1980s, Jacksonville and its residents have held a collective vision for what the waterfront park could ultimately become: a family-friendly gathering space for art festivals, performances and more.

Despite park renovations, stagnant development surrounding the waterfront space has left the area feeling isolated and undervalued in recent years.

Our project plans do not include any development on the current site of Metropolitan Park. To ensure Metropolitan Park remains a critical part of the landscape, Iguana Investments plans to enter into an agreement with the City to adopt Metropolitan Park through the existing Private Park Adoption Program. As part of this adoption, Iguana Investments has pledged $4 million over 20 years to enhance the operations of Met Park to keep the park clean, safe and well-maintained.

We have met with leaders from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and are in full support of their efforts to help inform how the Met Park area should be activated to restore it to its former glory and make it an asset to enjoy on a daily basis and for special events. Like you, we eagerly look forward to working with our community partners to help bring that vision to life.

We will also expand the footprint of the park to include Dream Finders Homes Flex Field, which will be made available through the City’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department for community, sports, and children’s programs throughout the year.

Main Street Bridge Photo Credit: Visit Jacksonville

Community Advisory Committee

Engaging Our Local Artists

As part of our development plans, we will coordinate with local groups that are focused on integrating art into our community. We will be looking to these organizations to help us develop the plans as it relates to public art displays, including a focus on local artists.