Jacksonville Shipyards

The Opportunity

Setting the Course

For over a century, the Jacksonville Shipyards bustled with activity. They were the sites where our region’s most valuable resource — its people — transformed raw materials into remarkable vessels that carried our economy forward.

This was a reality just 30 years ago. Today, though, the Shipyards stand empty. The warehouses and workshops are long gone.

This land and riverfront have seen better days. But their best days are still ahead.

Where some see vacant properties, we see proving grounds. The right resources are in place to make the Shipyards the first of many first downs for the Northbank in the years to come.

Jacksonville  Shipyards

All Aboard

Building a vibrant Downtown

The Jacksonville Shipyards, including a restored Met Park, will deliver a Downtown experience that blends urban design with waterfront entertainment.

A modernized marina, a landmark five-star hotel and residences, a six-story office building and a world-class orthopedic center will create hundreds of new jobs, generate vital tourism revenue and spark additional opportunities for emerging local businesses.

With an influx of restaurants, hotels, entertainment and parks to complement existing establishments, a buzzing Downtown could become the true heart and soul of Jacksonville.

What are the projected steps for the project?

Phase 1

Phase 1 will include construction of the Four Seasons Hotel Jacksonville, a restored Met Park, a six-story office building and modernized city-owned marina with a park and a multifunctional building that will house a dockmaster’s office, ship store, restrooms with showers and a restaurant.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will involve construction of an orthopedic center of excellence and additional residential units.


Mapping Our Momentum

Charting Our Path

1st DownTown in the news

Revitalizing Downtown isn’t about a single project or a single development – but it is our desire that the Shipyards – and our surrounding community investments – will be a catalyst for future growth in and around our urban district.

Join in with your support and follow along to key updates as they unfold:

Sep 18, 2021

Jacksonville City Council holds 1st meeting on Shipyards project

Florida Times-Union

The Jacksonville City Council on Friday held its first meeting on the Shipyards project.

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Sep 18, 2021

Downtown Four Seasons hotel review starts over lunch at Jacksonville City Council

Florida Times-Union

The push for City Council approval of a Four Seasons hotel development deal along Jacksonville’s…

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Sep 17, 2021

Jaguars president believes Shipyards project will help Jacksonville realize city’s potential


“I think we’ll look back and say, you know, doing that development with the right…

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