Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson and General Manager Trent Baalke recently toured the Miller Electric Center to see the sports performance center’s construction progress.

“It is obvious that so much care and expertise has gone into the entire project and we’re grateful for everyone’s hard work,” said Coach Pederson. “The progress is remarkable. Trent (Baalke) and I were able to see, sense and appreciate where specific team rooms would reside. It was fun to share that vision with members of the coaching staff and see it through their eyes. Everyone in our football operation is excited to move into the Miller Electric Center and have a new and modern facility to call home.”

Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson takes a tour of Miller Electric Center
The future home of the Jaguars football operations is scheduled to open in summer 2023.

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Our development team and members of the Jaguars marketing department worked alongside the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville to produce a Call to Artists for seven public art pieces at Miller Electric Center. We received numerous submissions from local, regional, national, and international artists who’ve envisioned two on-site sculptures, sculptural bike racks and four murals at the under-construction facility. Together the team has narrowed down our finalists and the selected artists will soon be notified.



Sixteen area men and women, including a set of twin brothers, graduated from our Construction Ready workforce development program November 4.

Twin brothers, Ronshay and Ruben Reddick, at Construction Ready class four graduation holding their completion certificates

The average hourly pay rate for class four is $16.57, and 100% of class four grads were placed with local companies for full-time employment. These include England-Thims & Miller; HB Next; The Haskell Company; J.B. Coxwell; People Ready; Touchton Plumbing; and Vallencourt, Inc.

“Knowledge is power. You are in control of your own destiny,” said Harold Smith Jr., a graduate headed to Touchton Plumbing who will be working on the plumbing at Miller Electric Center. “I learned not just the ‘what’s’ but the ‘whys.’ We are prepared now to change our lives and Construction Ready was the opportunity.”

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Wheels are in motion! The City of Jacksonville issued permits to begin site work today, with work commencing in the coming days. The first step will be to strip out any landscaping and remove the existing underground concrete gantry rails before we can begin grading the site.

If you’ve driven past The Shipyards, you’ll see the route to the public marina has changed and the fence has moved. Now that our new driveway is open, we’ve pushed the construction fencing out to enclose the entire development, still leaving plenty of access for those wishing to get to the marina.

Construction crew on-site at The Shipyards and Shipyards marina