Touchdown, 1st DownTown team!


Tonight, the Jacksonville City Council approved legislation for the Jacksonville Shipyards. This news represents an important win for our community, and it will help to drive forward progress on Downtown growth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak up in support of the Jacksonville Shipyards. The collective voice of the entire 1st DownTown team played a key role in this victory. This project will offer something for everyone — locals and visitors alike — by activating our Northbank riverfront with a mix of hospitality, office space and revitalized parks for our city.

What happens next?

Construction will begin as soon as June 2022 with a completion guarantee of December 2025. We hope you’ll visit to stay informed on the progress of our plans and other projects in downtown Jacksonville. Follow our social channels for news and updates as they unfold.

Thank you again for your support.